About me

I began working in television at the age of 16. At 17, I was already a lead director for a handful of local TV shows. After high school, I continued my passion for media and received my Associates of Arts in Television Production and Bachelors of Arts in Digital Media. For over a decade, I worked as a videographer and editor for local television stations in Sacramento, California. These stations included: The California Channel, The SuperLotto Plus and KVIE-PBS.

Wanting to learn more in technology, I decided to further my education and began studying Educational Technology at The California State University, Sacramento; there, I found my true passion, web and graphic design. In 2009, after graduating with my masters, I moved to New York and began freelancing and working for media companies as a graphic and web designer.

In 2012, I moved to Quito, Ecuador, to learn a new culture, language and to take part in various volunteer projects for children and animals. I continued to freelance, working virtually for New Horizon Health, Inc., a health and wellness company. In 2016, I became a volunteer designer/video editor and caretaker, for a non profit organization, For His Children/Hogar Para Sus Niños, an orphanage for children in the Northern part of Quito.

Currently, I am located in Sacramento, California, I continue to work online, freelancing, for: Ella Stein, New Horizon Health, Inc., and The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.