Print and Digital Designs / PowerPoint Pitch Decks

Logo Designs

Website Designs: HTML, CSS, CMS: WordPress including Divi Builder and Visual Composer; SquareSpace

Email Marketing: iContact, MailChimp, Benchmark

Video: Editing, Animation and Videography

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Languages: English, Spanish - Intermediate

  • University of Florida - College of Communication and Journalism

    Freelance Graphic Designer / Remote

    • Creates, edits and implements designs for internal and external communications and marketing materials on print and digital platforms.

    • Maintains Department graphic design and brand architecture design standards.

    • Develops final artwork incorporating various design elements (text, graphics, photographs, etc.)

    • Designs Department materials such as: web banners, Facebook ads, Infographics, Word templates, enamel pin designs, metal designs, invitations, posters, flyers and event program designs.

  • New Horizon Health / Longevity Warehouse

    Freelance Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Remote

    • Transforms instructional emails into designs for web as well as print material from conception to completion.

    • Performs daily work in a virtual environment.

    • Determines the message the design should portray. Selects colors, images, text style, and layout.

    • Develops educational materials for online delivery.

    • Works within tight deadlines and able to multitask and work well under pressure.

    • Designs product cut outs and product mockups for ecommerce store.

    • Constructs and designs website mockups in photoshop.

    • Conceptualizes and creates banners for product marketing, sales, and social media.

    • Creates up to 15 daily banner designs for products, promotions, interviews, Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, newsletters.

    • Designs conference event materials: promotional posters, flyers, booklets/guides, menus, postcards, tickets, powerpoint presentations, name badge designs, product price tags.

    • Designs Ebook covers and interior page designs for various David Wolfe recipe books and audio/video transcriptions, as well as for other health experts.

    • Performs WordPress Website maintenance: html edits, page edits, post edits, icon edits, removing and adding posts/pages, editing widgets, plugin uploads and updates.

    • Develops WordPress Sales page designs for upcoming conference promotions and new product promotions.

    • Creates product label designs and makes label edits.

  • Kings Media

    Lead Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Video Editor

    New York

    • Met with clients to discuss the needs of a particular project.

    • Interpreted a project’s needs, gathering information and data to clarify design issues.

    • Prepared multiple mock-ups and/or design options.

    • Prepared files and worked with printing companies to produce finished print products.

    • Used a wide range of media, including photography, illustrations or other mixed media in design solutions.

    • Multi-tasked by working on multiple projects with concurrent deadlines.

    • Translated a client’s marketing or information content into a functional website.

    • Designed posters, flyers, booklets, menus, business cards, postcards and t-shirts.

    • Created and edit images and graphics for website use.

    • Posted completed site to internet server using FTP software.

    • Edited "Behind The Scenes" music video promo.

  • Made Manifest - New York School of the Deaf


    • Responsible for instructional materials: Creation of tutorials and agendas for various Mac software programs including iPhoto, iMovie and Microsoft Office 2008.

    • Planned and delivered instruction to educators on various Mac software programs.

    • Ability to work with interpreters to communicate and deliver instructional materials.

    • Provide direction for the instructional process and convey instructional intent to students.

    • Ability to learn applications quickly.

    • Provide organized and professional presentations.

    • Ability to present information in a timely manner.

  • California State University, Sacramento

    Media Specialist I / California

    • Developed treatments, outlines and scripts, ensuring quality control and integrity of product during all stages of production taking projects from inception to production to post-production.

    • Performed videography in the field and in the studio: set up and monitored audio component of field acquisiton, including professional diversity wireless microphone systems, multi-track recording, shotgun microphone operation and other related audio components.

    • Determined edit decisions such as pacing, color palette, style and wording, according to script and project design, resulting in an aestheic, creative and compelling program.

    • Assembled video footage, graphics, music, and narration then utilize Photoshop and After Effects to enhance projects.

    • Conducted post-production editing that includes transferring video and audio clips from origination source (i.e. MiniDV, DVCPro and Firestore) and encode finished project to media/format specified by client. (i.e. sd video, .MOV, Flash, Real, WM, MPEG, etc.) as well as uploads videos to the web.

    • Performed duplication and format conversions for analog and digital based video materials and files.

    • Researched new technology and software for use on the job.

  • KVIE - PBS

    Camera Operator / Floor Director / Master Control Operator

    • Performed videography in live studio settings during pledge drives, art auctions and telethons.

    • Acquired digital content, identified and stored requested material, monitored signal streams and ensured scheduled events run accurately for three separate channels.

    • Utilized keen attention to detail while checking daily programming schedules, making corrections as needed.

    • Read program logs to ascertain the name/time of scheduled programs/station breaks to ensure quality control during on air playback.

  • The California Channel

    Master Control Operator / Camera Operator / Graphic Artist

    • Ensured satellite feeds were routed to the appropriate servers for recording and utilized video waveform and vectorscope monitors to adjust signal quality.

    • Performed duplication and format conversions for analog and digital based video materials and files (ie. DVD, VHS, SVHS, BETACAM SP, and DVC PRO).

    • Updated daily programming schedules on the web using Dreamweaver MX.

    • Performed videography in the field and in the studio (ie. Press Conferences and California Perspective).

    • Utilized post-production programs such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects for daily on air programming.

  • The California State Lottery- GVTV

    Director / Graphics Operator / Engineer / Camera Operator

    • Operated two switcher boards as Technical Director for The Super Lotto Plus.

    • Responsible for three on air cameras.

    • Performed linear editing of program segments and monitored audio levels.

    • Created and executed The Daily Derby Show, utilizing Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.